One Step at a time

For in his heart he knew he could
Even when they said otherwise
For in his heart he knew he should
not take their advice
For their dreams were small
their means did not matter
He knew that to achieve
we strive to an end
or we can sit and get fatter
In his eyes was only the end
In his heart just turmoil
for he had known
there was no one for him
except his own
One step at a time
that is all it takes
Lift up one foot after the other
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I’m ready and packed
Like always
I would have loved to stay the night
But I have places to go people to meet
Maybe next time

My bag’s filled with things to pass time with
My pockets are filled with stuff I hide
Let’s go
Spontaneity is my strong suit
It allows me to have no idea whatsoever
Maybe I’ll settle here now
This time I’ll probably stay
But I’m ready and packed
Just incase
That didn’t last long 
But something just felt wrong
My life as it was has come to an end
My life as it was never got started
One day
I will surely say
This Is The End 



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These chains don’t bother me anymore
Pain doesn’t hurt me as much
Freedom comes with a price
I can’t say I have a heart anymore

You can bind me
Gag me
Torture me, blind me
My freedom is in my head
U can kill me
But my freedom would only inspire more

These chains don’t bother me anymore

My head is not as clear as you’d think
My freedom is not a one man show
I need people with me
Without them I can’t call myself free

Don’t untie me now
Keep on torturing me
The more people who know
More will be free.

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He’s Gone?

I think he’s dead
I’ve been uncertain for a while now
Always wondering what’s wrong
Mapping out tomorrow

I think he’s dead

I haven’t looked for him for quite sometime now
He hasn’t shown up either
To jump up and down
To not give a fuck
To know for sure,
I will be a joker

I don’t have his dreams any more
I don’t even remember them
All I do is mourn him
Unsure of what I lost.


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I remember

I too was once a kid
I know that exhilaration
The feeling on top of the world
No doubt no uncertainty
I knew that everyone loved me

I was a child once
I know the misery
Adults wouldn’t understand me
Kids won’t recognize me

I have been a nobody

I see myself then
The love I felt
My country my parents
My siblings my friends
It was all give then
No expectations and no IOU’s

The ignorance in abundance
You’re too young u wouldn’t understand
Try me I’d think
There were things I wasn’t proud of
All of them are just party jokes now
The mollycoddling was what made me grow up
Or was it just peer pressure

Though I know I’m not him now
The day he dies
I would lose the will to live


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Dylan blues

Wonder why she puts up those posters
Wonder where are her magazines
I think of her, I think of her all the time
Sometimes dipping her in kerosene

She bought me an electric cello
She wanted me to synchronize
With half the world with my school rock band
And get her that darned prize

Trapped in a closet full of chocolates
I get to know I have diabetes
I think I will hang me now
I really need some peace

And I know when all goes wrong
I can go to her she’ll be pleased
She might take some pain off my back
Or might slip something in my tea

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Why do we crave for rarity
Why is it that it’s so beautiful
Full moons
Sunsets in front of the ocean
Weird fishes under the sea

Why do crickets annoy us
Rectangular buildings can’t hold our breath
Yet a wolf howling is eerily beautiful
Rhymes appeal to us
Stars falling hold us struck

The prettiest girl i saw was plain
The most amazing moment i had was silent
The only pictures left in my mind 
Are those of people

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