I remember

I too was once a kid
I know that exhilaration
The feeling on top of the world
No doubt no uncertainty
I knew that everyone loved me

I was a child once
I know the misery
Adults wouldn’t understand me
Kids won’t recognize me

I have been a nobody

I see myself then
The love I felt
My country my parents
My siblings my friends
It was all give then
No expectations and no IOU’s

The ignorance in abundance
You’re too young u wouldn’t understand
Try me I’d think
There were things I wasn’t proud of
All of them are just party jokes now
The mollycoddling was what made me grow up
Or was it just peer pressure

Though I know I’m not him now
The day he dies
I would lose the will to live


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2 Responses to I remember

  1. Can connect with this. Good read. 🙂

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