So many people there
So many of them I can’t even bear
Good thing I don’t need to talk to them

This wasn’t the way I thought it would be
Cooped up in a hole for eternity
Sure you come and talk To me sometimes
But each time seems further apart

Now you’ve stopped coming
I feel like I’m slowly rotting
I had lost the pain long ago
Now I can’t even remember the feeling

Incoherent thoughts
Lost images
Sometimes I think I’m dreaming
Sometimes I dream I’m awake

I can sense my freedom approaching
They say we go to he’ll before heaven
Was that hole hell
Or was it my life before

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I saw something
Which burned bright
It died slowly
Still it gave me light

Yesterday I saw a girl
She looked so tired so pale
She looked at me smiled and said
You should rest now
u look mighty frail

The city is covered with darkness now
And everything seems to have disappeared
Let’s go out now she said
Now is the time to be romantic

There was a movie
It made me cry
More and more
I never stopped
It was called life is beautiful

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There is no evil
No wrong
Everybody doing whats right
Trying to be right

Hitler was a patriot
Gandhi was a patriot
Mussolini was a patriot
Lincoln, you guessed it

There’s no evil
There’s selfish
There’s greed
There’s love
There’s hope
But there’s no evil

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When was yesterday
Where has it gone
I remember when i used to be a pilot
That was so long ago
People tell me i was a joker too
I guess time really is slow

Just a while back i was a painter
And then i was a swimmer
Then i became an author
I really believe in yesterday

Tomorrow i might not be
I’m not so happy today
I’m glad i lived through yesterday

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That’s it
As close as u get
Are you blind
Or do you not know what repulsion looks like
Coz’ it’s all over my face
Even my gut is squirming

Is it just me
Or is it  everyone who sees you like this
Maybe that’s why you don’t recognize my hate
I abhor you, I loathe you
My skin prickles when you’re near
And my hand’s itching to twist that neck around

Why are you here though
Are you out of a deo
Or toothpaste maybe
Maybe you need me to lend you some socks
I think you should go dip yourself in hno3 for a while
i think you should  swim in h2so4

But for now
Please please please

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No inspiration anymore
No wondering how life could have been
No music no literature
No soul

There’s the breath of death around me
And misery is my only friend
There’s stale meat in the kitchen
Fungus in my toes
There’s burnt batteries in the room
I’m accompanied by the devil wherever i go

Just yesterday

I was rolling on the floor laughing stupidly
I was just as pissed but it all made sense to me
No dreams of becoming someone
That’s what practicality does to you

No spark plug to ignite the engine now
We’re out of fuel
I’m so cynical now
I don’t think I can live with me anymore

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Desolation Row (Modified)

Here comes Romeo he’s moaning you belong to me i believe
And the people in and the people out i’m just trying to improve my typing speed
And Why do people just stand there trying to type on their own
I help them out by going to Desolation Row

And there he was prince charming
Standing there in awe
Without his costume
He looks like a fool
And we’re all in debt to the thrum

The clowns and the people of costelle
they all pick up their pants
to break in to the museum of artefacts
And take all those precious  hats
But eons ago in a galaxy
Far far away
Luke skywalker did kill his dad
To become the hero of the day
I’m sure Darth Vader repented
And tried his best to stay
But in his heart he always knew
To each his own way

Fred Flinstone is a miser
And Barney’s short and fat
Who knew that centuries ago
All the babies played with a bat

Bob Dylan- Desolation Row

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